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Six Common Air Conditioner Problems Homeowners Face

Six Common Air Conditioner Problems Homeowners Face

Surviving Louisiana’s sweltering heat is only possible when you have a functional air conditioner for seven to eight months of the year. If any of the common air conditioner problems below impact your system, you could be facing a highly uncomfortable indoor environment. 

Read on to discover these problems and how air conditioning experts like Moreau’s Thermal Services can help with reliable AC repair in Mandeville and the surrounding areas.

#1 Refrigerant Leaks Affect Cooling Ability

A refrigerant leak poses countless problems for an air conditioning system. Even minor leaks of this substance mean that the system cannot produce cool air. However, the strain it causes also leads to significant damage to your unit’s components, which have to work harder to produce comfortable temperatures across your Louisiana home or business.

You’ll lack cooling relief, and the unit will need major repairs if you don’t catch these leaks early.

#2 Frozen Evaporator Coils Hinder Energy Efficiency

Experts like Moreau’s Thermal Services continually emphasize the importance of air conditioning maintenance. It’s vital if you want to avoid common air conditioner problems like a frozen evaporator coil.

The cause of freezing coils is relatively simple. Usually, a build-up of dirt or debris will restrict the warm air flowing over the coils, which the refrigerant absorbs. Then, the refrigerant freezes over and prevents the system from producing cool air properly.

#3 Leaky Air Ducts Drive Up Energy Bills

Another common issue doesn’t actually involve the cooling system but rather the ductwork. Your ductwork provides the pathway for cool air from the air conditioning system to reach your vents. But leaky ducts aren’t always detectable outright.

Even tiny cracks let the temperature-controlled air escape. If your energy bills skyrocket, one of these cracks might have opened up, which means your thermostat will be struggling to reach the temperature you’ve set. 

Thankfully, a professional technician will easily repair this duct damage and inspect the air conditioner for related performance issues to get things back on track.

#4 Foul Odors Coming From the System Can Be Unhealthy

Are the vents bringing an unpleasant smell into your breathing spaces? Consider the following:

  • Mold somewhere within the system
  • Electrical issues that produce a burning smell
  • Dead insects or critters in the outdoor compressor

Depending on the odor, a technician will typically need to clean the internal components or address faulty electrical wiring.

#5 Faulty Thermostat Issues Affect Your Unit’s Lifespan

What happens when an air conditioner fails to cool your home? If it short-cycles or appears to have a malfunctioning thermostat, the experts may be able to replace the batteries or loose wiring. If not, they’ll check for deeper issues before the unit overheats or wears out completely. 

#6 Dirty Air Filters Are Vital but Also Easy To Fix

Has your air conditioner suddenly stopped working? Check the air filter. 

Clogged filters contribute to several air conditioner problems, including a lack of airflow. If there’s a build-up of dust and dirt particles blocking the filter, cooler air cannot pass through it. Cleaning or replacing the air filter is a simple solution. 

Replace the filter every three months (or sooner if your property has multiple occupants, pets, or smokers present).

How Our Louisiana Cooling Professionals Can Help

A team like Moreau’s Thermal Services offers high-quality air conditioning repairs and regular maintenance packages. Your HVAC system requires plenty of care in order to run flawlessly during Louisiana’s hottest days. Our skilled technicians understand every part of these complex systems and will resolve any issue your unit is facing to restore its cooling capacity when you need it most. 

Schedule a Repair Service For Common Air Conditioner Problems and Not So Common Ones!

Have you detected any of these common air conditioner problems or other problems? Why not let Moreau’s Thermal Services complete fast repairs? Additionally, if your system is nearing the end of its lifespan, the air conditioning replacement process is in good hands with us.

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